Nancy Morgan Hart

Time to Hit Reset

Nancy Morgan Hart – Hit Reset I’ve been watching Nancy Morgan Hart for just over a year....

17 Cringeworthy Truths about WWIII & The CIA

US Loses Landmark Vaccine Case

Candace Owens Takes On OAC and Wins!

Soleimani Dead

Gen. Qassim Soleimani has been Killed

An early-morning strike hit the Baghdad International Airport perimeter, near the air cargo terminal, the Iraqi government...

Mainstream Media Has Failed

Ukraine Airlines

Ukrainian 737 Accidentally Shot Down By Iran

RedPill78 Does a great job reporting on this tragedy. It appears that Iran accidentally shot down...

17 Cringeworthy Truths about WWIII & The CIA

Amazing Polly

Amazing Polly – Indictments Coming!

Indictments Coming - Amazing Polly is probably one of the best researchers you will ever find. Today...
Kevin Space

Kevin Spacey Revealed

Kevin Spacey – Revealed! While Kevin Spacey is a great actor and has some outstanding roles to...
Obama Crimes

Obama Crimes


CIA-FBI-DOJ Must Be Reigned In


Trump vs. MSM