2020 – Who Gets Arrested First?

Who Gets Arrested First?

From QRV – January 1, 2020


As we begin 2020, one thing seems quite clear. Patriots are tired of waiting for justice. Some people are beginning to suspect that the “Q Operation” was just a big LARP to pacify patriots into a false sense of hope. People want a justice system that works. They are tired of waiting for stupid reports to come out. They want people arrested!

We are too close to the next election to wait this out. If Trump is serious about draining the swamp, then he must take action this month and get at least a few dozen offenders arrested and off the streets. POTUS must launch hundreds of simultaneous investigations and get moving on these criminals. Failure to do so imperils the United States by virtually guaranteeing another civil war.

Here is what they are saying on sites like VOAT:

I was thinking Brennan or Soros would be the first big arrest but maybe it will be someone like DWS. “We have the server” could be either Hillary’s server or the DNC server, but more likely the DNC server as there were articles floating around about how the DC police “lost” the DNC server some time ago.

There would likely be evidence of widespread blackmailed politicians and judges and maybe even evidence of murder (Seth Rich and/or Scalia) and treason. Widespread blackmail used to leverage “foreign aid” and classified information out of our noble Congressmen/women for the benefit of our enemies would certainly “shock to the world” more than a convoluted 20 count indictment against Soros for illegally funding this and that campaign or protest. And DWS was clearly scared shitless when she was trying to get the server back at that local hearing or whatever it was.

Whatever is coming that is according to Q is very “BIG,” it has to be something IMO that is not only clearly evil but also, explains a lot of the craziness people are seeing all around them. An attempted coup involving Brennan, for example, isn’t going to “shock the world” at this point as many if not most people already understand that the Russia Hoax was an attempted coup.

Even a conspiracy to assassinate involving Brennan and others would probably not shock people that much and, in any event, wouldn’t explain why Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, and a random host of other less-known people in Congress (and elsewhere like Hollywood, FBI, NeverTrumpers like Bill Crystal) are acting like such total lunatics, seemingly against their own self-interest. But widespread systemic blackmail of virtually everyone in high places would explain so much of the batshit crazy unhinged behavior coming at us from all directions and would CONNECT it.

The information on the server could be the tip of the spear to a huge “AHA” moment. If they were using and abusing FISA to gather the blackmail information and I think most of us believe that they were, FISA would without question “Bring Down the House.” I’ll bet there’s information about that on the server too.

I don’t know, I just wish that whatever it is, it happens soon. I feel like we have been standing at the tipping point of awakening for a long time but that the time is ripe. My son, a twenty-something one time Bernie supporter who had a visceral hate for Trump told me the other day, “At this point, I don’t know, I am just reserving judgment and waiting to see what happens next.” Eyes are on and people are ready. It’s like everyone is looking for the one big thing that explains all of the other crazy-ass things that are happening all around us.

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