Candace Owens Takes On OAC and Wins!

Candace Owens Rocks!

Ever since AOC flopped onto the scene in Washington, it’s been a goon-show for the Libtarded left. I have no idea why this woman gave up bar-tending. AOC is clearly out of her depth. What I like is that Candace Owens take exception to that!

What I like about Candace Owen’s actions are that finally someone challenges the standard libtarded response to block anyone who confronts them with facts! Progressives can’t stand being challenged, and we have ample evidence that they are allergic to facts. Check out Gateway Pundit’s article.. and Like & Share it everywhere!

AOC blocked me because I am without question, her toughest critic. While she uses her social media presence to pollute the youth with fraudulent promises of a socialist utopia, I have used my online presence to directly refute such patently false indications. This outcome then assures us that there will continue to be a loud answer to the far-left’s predatory misinformation campaign aimed at our youth.

It is due to your continued support of me and my various projects that we are able to set aside funding to pursue these seemingly small legal battles, that can have major outcomes in the long run. We must never allow people that wish to bring socialism to America, create pockets within society (whether online or otherwise) where their ideas can go unchecked.

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