Kevin Space

Kevin Spacey Revealed

Kevin Spacey – Revealed! While Kevin Spacey is a great actor and has some outstanding roles to his credit, it appears as though his childhood and up-brining may be taking their tole... Read more »
Obama Crimes

Obama Crimes

You have to laugh when you see millennials going out of their minds trying to corral and control free-thinking, free-speaking citizens! Read more »

CIA-FBI-DOJ Must Be Reigned In

CIA-FBI-DOJ – An New Oversight Agency (OOPS) As we approach 2020, it is abundantly clear that we need a new “oversight” agency that can audit, investigate and prosecute elected officials in Congress,... Read more »

Trump vs. MSM

As we move into the last year of Donald Trump's first term, the deep state and deranged liberals are apoplectic about how things are playing out. Read more »