Ukraine Airlines

Ukrainian 737 Accidentally Shot Down By Iran

RedPill78 Does a great job reporting on this tragedy. It appears that Iran accidentally shot down this aircraft which contained many international travelers. Read more »
Candace Owens

Candace Owens Takes On OAC and Wins!

Candace Owens Rocks! Ever since AOC flopped onto the scene in Washington, it’s been a goon-show for the Libtarded left. I have no idea why this woman gave up bar-tending. AOC is... Read more »
Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Rips Soleimani

Glenn Beck on a Tear! I don’t always agree with or like Beck’s analysis, but this one I feel is bang on. It is important for people to understand this material because... Read more »
Brennan to Jail

John Brennan Heading to Jail

How long have we been waiting for John Brennan to face the music? A very long time for sure. Brennan appears to be ground zero for the coup attempt against... Read more »
Democratic States

Democratic States and Cities are Collapsing

From Timcast on Youtube Democratic States & Cities Collapsing Fast! Democratic States And Cities Are COLLAPSING, Census Predicts Major Republican GAINS. A new estimate from Real Clear Politics shows that, in fact,... Read more »
And We Know

And We Know – Year-End Broadcast

And We Know Brings positive news in the midst of darkness. "And We Know" joins the A-List of patriot broadcasters! Subscribe to "And We Know" and stay Red-pilled! Read more »
Amazing Polly

Amazing Polly – Indictments Coming!

Indictments Coming - Amazing Polly is probably one of the best researchers you will ever find. Today she outlines how she see this playing out. Read more »
Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow’s FAKE NEWS Reckoning Is Finally Here

Rachel Maddow's Fake News Reckoning is FINALLY Here Even Leftists Slam MSNBC Over FAKE NEWS And Bias. Progressives, leftists, democrats, you were taken for a ride by a swindler who just wanted... Read more »
George News

The Tools of War Part 2

George News represents the information that people MUST have but which the failed mainstream media refused to cover. The Tools of War is a must-watch! Follow George News on YouTube Read more »
Tim Pool

Major Anti Trump Story Exposed

For the past two years this YouTube blogger, Tim Pool, has done a marvelous job covering post-2016 election events and news. Read Trump Story Exposed! Read more »