Democratic States

Democratic States and Cities are Collapsing

From Timcast on Youtube Democratic States & Cities Collapsing Fast! Democratic States And Cities Are COLLAPSING, Census Predicts Major Republican GAINS. A new estimate from Real Clear Politics shows that, in fact,... Read more »
Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow’s FAKE NEWS Reckoning Is Finally Here

Rachel Maddow's Fake News Reckoning is FINALLY Here Even Leftists Slam MSNBC Over FAKE NEWS And Bias. Progressives, leftists, democrats, you were taken for a ride by a swindler who just wanted... Read more »
Tim Pool

Major Anti Trump Story Exposed

For the past two years this YouTube blogger, Tim Pool, has done a marvelous job covering post-2016 election events and news. Read Trump Story Exposed! Read more »