CIA-FBI-DOJ Must Be Reigned In

CIA-FBI-DOJ – An New Oversight Agency (OOPS)


As we approach 2020, it is abundantly clear that we need a new “oversight” agency that can audit, investigate and prosecute elected officials in Congress, including inside the FBI, DOJ, CIA and other agencies. Perhaps this new agency could be called the “Operational Oversight Pedantic Services” (Oops) Committee?

In the last 50 years, the FBI and DOJ have a near-zero record of prosecuting public corruption in office. 

It is clear that they have been politicized and weaponized against the conservatives whom the go after and prosecute with gusto using illegal means if necessary. 

On the other hand, they ignore the crimes of the left. Hillary is the prime example. She is alleged to have committed multiple felonies, yet she walks free while if anyone else would be put in Jail a thousand times over for many lifetimes.

OOPS could also be mandated to investigate the defense department – where billions and perhaps trillions have gone missing with no accountability. It does not matter whether programs are black ops or just classified! The public needs to be reassured that their tax dollars are being properly spent and not just ending up in someone’s bank account.

The fundamental rules of auditing dictate that an agency or person with a conflict of interest cannot police themselves, The FBI and DOJ will never prosecute politicians that are responsible for their budget. 

Q has pointed out numerous scams that many have suspect for years, but the FBI and DOJ have turned a blind eye to them with the support of what we now all recognize as “Fake News”.

Watch Lindsay Graham as he exposes a massively corrupt FBI here.

And.. Find out why John Brennan is going to jail!

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About the Author: Igor Vipond

Full-time researcher and avid freedom fighter.