Mainstream Media Has Failed

Since just prior to the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, something miraculous happened.  Criminal elements in the FBI, CIA, NSA and other clandestine departments, like addicted gamblers, blew their wad on a plan to retain power that was developed by a cabal of high-level clowns. 

What no one knew at the time was the that the overconfidence, along with a commensurate lack of intelligence from a few key players, set in motion a series of events that would later be called “The Great Awakening!”

What we witness today is just the first stage of a new era. In this era, WE are the news. You are the news.  An awake population now understands that the mainstream media have always been a tool of war for the global elites.  Watch as we systematically dismantle the greatest power ever know tho this earth.

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About the Author: Igor Vipond

Full-time researcher and avid freedom fighter.