17 Cringeworthy Truths about WWIII & The CIA

17 Truths about WWIII and The CIA

For everyone afraid of WWIII, you can relax because Donald Trump has everything under control. We’ve all been told before. These actions were all pre planned. Here’s the current event structure that the LAME-stream media isn’t telling you. All of this can be backed up just by doing a little research and thinking for yourself.

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  1. The CIA is actually one of the most corrupt criminal organizations in the world.
  2. There are more good people in the world than there are bad people. Most people want peace. But leaders of many countries are under a “CIA death grip”. This is a very bad thing. The swamp that the Trump promised to drain is worldwide.
  3. Back channels (like cuban missile crisis with JFK) are being used for Trump/team to talk to Iran and rid their country of CIA Black sites, and therefore – threats of WWIII. Look it up, you’ll find their now dead General Soleimani was a CIA asset.
  4. The deep state, swamp, CIA, or whatever you want to call them plan Benghazi 2.0 in an attempt to push Trump into a war. But it failed miserably. 1 American died at the US embassy attack in IRAQ and Trump retaliated by killing the number 1 terrorist in the world, General Soleimani.
  5. After the death of the Iranian General, top democrats freak out because they weren’t informed of the attack. This was done strategically to PREVENT LEAKS warning Soleimani.
  6. IRAQ “votes” to get rid of US troops at certain bases..
  7. US troops exit said bases, and IRAN is allowed to “save face” and retaliate against the US killing their General by bombing those airbases because NOBODY was there.
  8. This was set up to make the Deep state believe we would retaliate again and a war would start.
  9. USA media (MSNBC) blatantly lies to the American people and put out articles saying that 30 Americans were killed in the attack, this was to stir up fear of war and an attempt to push Trump into a war with IRAN.
  10. The pentagon reports NO American casualties. MSM lied…… again.
  11. Iran announces they are standing down and missiles will stop. That they “got their revenge.”
  12. Trump pulls the ole “sleight of hand” trick and announces no retaliation (the opposite of what the deep state really wants) because zero lives were lost.
  13. Peace talks and Iranian nuclear stand down is now in effect and has been for a long time. But you can’t have peace with a nation that is under CIA black-site control. The black-site has to be eliminated.
  14. Don’t believe me? Well what happened with North Korea? Syria? The Mainstream media pushed wars and missile threats. What actually happened?…. Peace talks.
  15. WE ARE NOT GOING TO WAR. We never were… Turn off the CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc… even Fox. Do your own research and start at Qmap.pub
  16. Where we go 1 we go all.
  17. Patriots are in control.

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