The Epstein Cover-up

The Epstein Cover-up

As I read the tsunami of propaganda released today on the internet regarding Jeffery Epstein, I am even more convinced that the Epstein cover-up is in high gear.  Clearly someone somewhere is onto something that they really want to bury.  So much so that they now release the gory details of an autopsy.

The giveaway is in the forensic dental analysis of Jeffrey’s teeth.

We all remember the “4 am talking points!” In a similar way the mainstream media is massively pushing the notion that Epstein is dead, and that he killed himself. 

First of all, I predicted they would kill him on the day he was arrested.  I worked in a maximum security prison system for 35  years and saw my share of suicides.  The information disseminated about this alleged suicide is all wrong.  It almost looks to me like the same idiot that tried to pass off the fake Obama birth certificate might be orchestrating this attempt to convince everyone that Epstein is dead. 

The thinly disguised MSM actions are telling me that Epstein is probably not dead. He’s either in protective custody and cooperating with the state, or in deep hiding for other reasons.

The Epstein Cover-up

Dental Forensics

Jeffrey Epstein’t two front teeth are shallow and rounded at the bottom. The eye teeth on either side are LONGER than the front teeth. This is opposite to the teeth on the cadaver.  

There are many other forensic give aways on this cadaver, but for the sake of today’s discussion, we’ll stick with the teeth.

If you do an internet search for Jeffery Epstein you will find very few, if any, images where Jeffrey is showing his teeth.  

I suspect he is self-conscious about his teeth since the two fronts are smaller than normal and not as long as his eye teeth.  They are like “baby teeth” in the front.  So, do your search and you’ll find that in almost all pictures, Epstein’s mouth is pursed to hide his teeth.    Convince me I’m wrong!

I think this is why the techno-peasant who is trying to pull off the Epstein Cover-up believe he/she can get away with it.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  They just told us that he is alive!

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